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Justin says he is so in love he doesn’t need to protect his $256million net worth

So TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married and there is no prenup.   I know he has zero to do with “Country” but its a story a lot of people are talking about today…and I too was thinking, is that a good idea?

They went to NYC last month to get the marriage license and looks like they got married too!  Congrats to the couple…but what everyone is talking about is that he is worth $265million and he didn’t sign a prenup.  Guess it couldn’t get done quick enough, so he said screw it.

A source is saying that Justin is so in love that he doesn’t see the need to protect his $256 million net worth. It’s rumored they’ll have a formal ceremony, but it would be in name only.

I know there are a lot of rich people that don’t get prenups, but I think he should have been smarter about this… being a celebrity is different and both he and his now wife are famous.  We all think that the person we are going to marry is going to be the one we grow old and die with, but sometimes things happen.  I think it’s just smart to always protect yourself…because no one else is going to.

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