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This is the LAST thing I thought I would need to worry about.  Straight from my employer right into my account…but nope, they are hacking our direct deposit paychecks now!

Listen up:   If you get paid through direct deposit, the FBI is warning you to be extra careful of scammers.   They say hackers are trying to gain access to employee payroll accounts in order to reroute direct deposit paychecks to another account or prepaid card.  How?

Investigators say hackers often target employees in the education, healthcare, and aviation industries.  If you see an email requesting personal information such as passwords or usernames, it could be a phishing scam.

I question EVERYTHING these days.  Better to be safe then sorry!

Remember… don’t ever give out info over the phone or email to someone who’s contacted you.  You contact them back with a number you have used before and inquire.

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