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Do you remember how Carrie Underwood was already “pregnant” before she ever revealed her pregnancy?

While it’s true she did have several miscarriages leading up to her current pregnancy, she never told anyone outside of her family about them — Until recently.

Now back to the pre-pregnancy “pregnancy” rumors. According to the tabloids, she was expecting twin girls.

While Carrie isn’t normally one to respond to rumors, the country star has something to say.

According to ABC News, Underwood says she’s pretty sure she’s only pregnant with one child.

But, that hasn’t stopped fans in public from congratulating her on “her twins.”

Carrie is sure to tell them she’s not really pregnant with twins when the subject comes up.

Past the rumors, others are speculating she’s having a girl while others say it’s a boy.

Ellen thinks it’s a girl, while Luke Bryan seems to think Carrie is having a girl.

What do you think she’s having?

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