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A couple years ago, I gave you an Amazon Prime tip that a bunch of you took advantage of. It was something buried within the fine print that you probably never noticed when you signed up. Basically it said if your shipment was late, you are entitled to a free month tacked on at the end of your Prime membership. Most were shocked to learn about this and that it actually worked. It wasn’t automatic. You had to reach out to Amazon via phone or email and request the extra month. It worked every time for me.

Hopefully you took advantage of it. Because according to the website Best Deals Online, it’s gone now.

Will there be any replacement in terms of perks on late shipments? The answer seems to be no. The site just says that shipments delivered late will get shipping costs refunded. Uh… Amazon Prime members don’t pay for shipping. To quote Alanis Morissette, it’s like a free ride when you’re already there. One comment left on that site I mentioned earlier says that Amazon might offer a $5 or $10 credit instead. But that’s not confirmed.

By the way, if you have your packages delivered to your home address and live in Tampa Bay, this next story is one you’ll want to read.

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