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Do you have a teen that is on their phone way too much?  Not getting their homework done, or not engaging in family dinner time?  Now you can turn off their phone!

Teens are on their phones more then adults these days.  Sometimes they don’t turn them off when they should be off, like the dinner table, homework time, bedtime, etc… well, Google is letting parents have control of that now.

Google just added a new feature to their popular Family Link app that allows parents to remotely turn off their kid’s phones.  Family Link allows kids under 13 to have Google accounts however they are linked with parental controls.  Parents can use the app to set screen time limits, lock devices, and even to approve or block specific apps.

Users over 13 must give permission first, but if they grant mom and dad permission and then try and revoke it, they will be locked out of their account for 24 hours.   Google is also integrating it’s Google assistant into the app so parents can voice the specific commands rather than having to actually use the app.

The features will be fully rolled out next week.

To read more about this or sign up for Family Link, click HERE