Tonight The Cooking Channel aired part 2 of their coverage of the foods from this year’s Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City. Host Noah Cappe seems to find things at the Florida Strawberry Festival that I never even noticed, which is pretty hard to do. I’ve been going to Plant City faithfully for 7 years but never have I seen the “Strawberry French Toast Burger.” Where on earth was this!? Did anyone try it? I’ve had tons of doughnut burgers, but this one never crossed my path.

He also tried the “Way Better Strawberry Shake.” This is another one I’ve searched high and low or on Twitter and Instagram. Literally NOBODY posted about it. But I was able to spot it on a Pennsylvania TV station website when they covered some big fair up there where they had this. It’s made by Polar Bear Ice Cream. They spread strawberry frosting around the top half of the cup and then roll it in Fruity Pebbles. They pour in the strawberry milkshake. It’s topped with whipped cream, mini cupcakes, brownie chunks, strawberries and finally more Fruity Pebbles. It looks fantastic and again this is another creation I’ve NEVER seen in Plant City. Guess I’ve been too preoccupied with my Funnel Bacon on a Stick.

If you missed it tonight, this Plant City episode of Carnival Eats airs again on The Cooking Channel October 7, 8 and 14. Did you miss the FIRST episode when Carnival Eats was at the Strawberry Festival? Here’s a recap of the foods they had on that episode:

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