Many of us have been concerned about the health scares Carrie Underwood has been going through. Understandably, she has not given a lot of specifics as to what is going on. It’s her business to share or not share personal information like that. This morning, we’re learning a lot of what Carrie has been dealing with.

In a new interview, Carrie says she’s had three miscarriages in two years. (If you’re short on time, jump ahead to 5:16 in the video above.) Her third miscarriage was earlier this year. Carrie says it’s a time when her faith was most important. She tells CBS, “I had always been afraid to be angry. We are so blessed. My son Isaiah is the sweetest thing. And I’m like ‘If We can never have any other kids, that’s okay, because he’s amazing.’ What can I complain about?”

The lyrics to her QYK hit “Cry Pretty” really resonate even more now that we know what she’s been going though. It’s the title track of her album. When we saw her perform it at the ACM Awards, we knew it was more than a song. It was her story.

All our love to you Carrie! Stay strong and keep inspiring. You’ve done it ever since you rose above all the other hopefuls on American Idol. And you’re still doing it in 2018.

Source: People

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