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September 17 Update: They found him! The RV was spotted in a RV park near Fort Lauderdale. Robert Schneider was found a short time later and arrested. He’ll be brought back to Hillsborough County. And I’d imagine they won’t take a check for his bail.

Original story:

WTSP reports tonight that a guy wrote a bad check at Lazy Days RV in Seffner and drove off in a RV worth almost $250,0000! Police are looking for Robert Schneider, age 59. They think he was last seen in Hollywood, FL with the 2014 Winnebago.

I’m sure we’ll learn more as this search goes on, but you have to think someone had to verify funds first… and the report says this check was written in JUNE! I spent a few hours at Lazy Days last month. It’s enormous and I could see how with the thousands of RVs they have how one could conceivably sneak out. The property is beautiful and it’s the size of a small town. But I do remember there was a guard at the gates. There’s got to be more to this story.

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