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Do You Get Yelled At For Being On Your Phone Too Much?  Is your relationship in trouble because you’d rather be on your phone playing a game then hanging out with your spouce or partner?  You need to download this app.

How many times a day do you roll your eyes at your husband because he’s just sitting there on his phone rather then helping you, helping the kids or even just paying attention to you?

We’re all addicted to our phones and personally, I could put my phone down more too.  This app can actually help.

Its called “Flipd”.   It works in two ways. Both of which aim at breaking smartphone addiction.

The first sets a timer that reminds you to put the phone down, then shames you if you pick it back up too soon.

The other is a full lockout, which hides all of your apps until the countdown is over.

This is genius.  Even for kids who are on their phone too much and students attending college.