Here we go. Wednesday will be the day Apple tries to wow you enough to get the credit card out to get a new iPhone. Here’s what to expect, according to CNN Tech.

Bye bye home button
Expect more phones to be like the iPhone X: no home button, more face sensors and edge to edge displays. One rumor is the “iPhone XS” will have a faster chip and nicer camera. A 6.8 inch big screen version will be rolled out. It’s also expected that Apple will offer a cheaper iPhone X. The price for the X introduced last year never dropped from the original price of $999.

What not to expect
What doesn’t seem to be coming Wednesday are any mind-blowing new features. It seems like all the cool things phones can do have been done. Now it’s just faster processors and more screen options.

Will the iPhone be hurricane ready?
For us Floridians, there’s one feature that’s likely to be missing that would help us a lot in a hurricane situation. It’s a feature that was removed when they released the iPhone 7 and it’s been missing in every iPhone since. Samsung, however, IS offering it in their phones. That’s right my fellow Apple fans. Android users have something we don’t. More about that in this article:

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