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On Saturday y, Eddie Montgomery took to Twitter to remember his best friend, Troy Gentry.

As you recall, T-Roy was rushed to the hospital on September 8, 2017 after the helicopter he was riding in crashed after experiencing engine trouble.

At the time the crash occurred, Montgomery Gentry was in New Jersey and had planned to perform at a show later that night.

Sadly, the show never went on as planned as T-Roy died in the hospital that night — With Eddie by his side.

For several months thereafter, the future of Montgomery Gentry remained uncertain, and Eddie remained quiet and avoided the media.

Then, slowly but surely, Eddie decided to get the band back on the road — Admitting, it’s what T-Roy would have wanted them to do.

Saturday, on the anniversary of Gentry’s passing, Montgomery took to Twitter to discuss his emotions surrounding the day.

Eddie confessed that he had been dreading this day for a long time, but he knows Gentry wouldn’t have wanted him to grieve — Rather, he would want Eddie to focus on his next prank (or joke.) The country star also said that he missed T-Roy.

Undoubtedly, the longing for his old bandmate will never go away. Eddie and T-Roy were inseparable, but it’s admirable that Montgomery is able to keep going because he knows that’s what T-Roy would have wanted.

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