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It’s here.  New reports and people posted videos and pictures showing that the Red Tide has now arrived in Pinellas County.

NOOOOOO!  I’m so bummed.  Red Tide has made its way to Pinellas county.  New reports are showing the concentration levels have now moved up to Med.

Check out the FWC Report HERE

My friend posted a video on Treasure Island the other day and he was showing the dead fish starting to wash up on the shore.  Ugh…. this sucks!

People on Next Door were already posting that they are coughing and some have had difficulty breathing.

Honestly, I wouldn’t go in the water.  I’m healthy and so is my 4 year old dog, but we’re gonna skip the beach this weekend   Just be careful… this stuff is bad.  90+ manatees have died, 20+ dolphins, sharks and so many fish.