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Parents love to cuddle with their kids in bed, but is this a good or a bad thing?  Getting a giant bed to accommodate all of you

So would you buy this?  A giant bed so all your kids can sleep with you…. and you can actually get some sleep.  Parents say that their kids sleeping with them interrupts their actual sleep time.  Maybe this is the answer?

Or is the answer… don’t let your kids sleep with you?

I’m guilty of letting my dog sleep with me… and I have a king bed and no matter where I sleep…. he sleeps right next to me…so for me, getting a bigger bed isn’t going to be the answer… its kicking the dog out.

The company says this about their beds:

Letting your kids sleep in bed with you—if done safely—can be a great experience. If you don’t have the room to fit everyone, though, it can quickly go from cuddly and cozy to uncomfortable and sleep-depriving.  Instead of trying to co-sleep on a regular-sized mattress, try one of these giant mattresses from The Ace Collection, a super-sized line of high-quality mattresses and bedding. These beds can fit whole families, as they come in sizes larger than your typical king.

I guess you’d have to have a huge master bedroom too…. that bed wouldn’t fit in my tiny room!  This mattress measures 144 inches wide by 80 inches long.  That’s 12 feet wide – or double the width of a California king size mattress!!!!

Ridiculous if you ask me.

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