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How many times have you talked about something out loud and two minutes later it shows up on your Facebook feed?

It happens to me all the time.  You say something out loud and bam… two minutes later you’re scrolling through Facebook or Insta and an add for it shows up…so yeah…who the heck is listening to us?  Kinda freaks me out.

Here is what Apple is saying: Apple claims they would not allow that to happen…really?  then how do you explain it??

Apple said that it would not allow a third-party app like Facebook or Instagram to listen in on its users. But it also said that it is unable to monitor what developers do with the data they collect.

“Apple said iPhones do not record audio while listening for Siri wakeup commands and Siri does not share spoken words. Apple said it requires users to explicitly approve microphone access and that apps must display a clear signal that they are listening.”

“Apple does not and cannot monitor what developers do with the customer data they have collected, or prevent the onward transfer of that data, nor do we have the ability to ensure a developer’s compliance with their own privacy policies or local law,”

Well…. I ain’t buying it.  iPhones are listening to us. Ok…maybe not the actual phone, but there are apps we are using that are listening…so be careful what you say…ya never know who’s listening!

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