You’ve been warned … Some Uber riders around the nation are being charged bogus fees associated with messes they are not responsible for making.

According to WTOC, people are calling the charge “vomit fraud.”

The charge is an adjustment after your initial receipt due to “damage” inside the vehicle.

The “damage” is usually due to bodily fluids or a rider vomiting in the Uber vehicle/spilling a drink.

Uber drivers can charge riders between $80 to $150 for “clean up fees.”

While some of these charges are undoubtedly valid, especially if you made a mess in an Uber, a increasing number of Uber drivers have caught on they can make a lot of money by charging this fee — Even if the rider didn’t make a mess in their vehicle.

Riders who receive this charge can file a dispute on the Uber app.

One rider suggested to WTOC that taking pictures of the inside of the Uber ride can help if you are ever charged with this bogus fee.

Again, check your receipts via email and be on the lookout for any “adjustments” to the cost of your Uber.

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