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Can’t tell you how good it was to hear this voice on the other end of the phone tonight when former QYK morning man Cledus T. Judd called in to say hi.  He’s been all over CMT this past week with his new music video for his parody of Morgan Wallen’s “Up Down” called “(Weight’s Goin’ Up Down Up Down).”

Cledus stepped away from a lucrative career on a successful morning show.  Being so far away from his young daughter was difficult.  I remember he’d do the drive back to Georgia often to see her.  In our conversation, Cledus shares some very personal information about the decision he had to make.

It was also a little heartbreaking to hear Cledus doubting whether or not his fans still wanted to hear his work.  When I posted the music video on my QYK page this past week, the response was instant.  And you can tell it means a lot to Cledus to know his friends and fans still want to hear more.

What about a show in Tampa? What does Morgan Wallen think about his parody? What does he have up his sleeve for potential future parodies? He tell us one about Tiger Woods that’s going to crack you up.  

Enjoy this talk with one of the nicest and funniest guys I know!

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