TMZ reports that former WWF / WWE wrestler Brian Lawler “Grandmaster Sexay” has died. Reports say he was put on life support last night after trying to commit suicide in jail by hanging himself.

He had a troubled past. Most recently he was arrested for a DUI after he led cops on a chase. Brian Lawler was the son of Monday Night Raw announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Brian Lawler was only 46. Brian was the tag team partner of my high school friend Scott Garland (“Scotty Too Hottie”). I don’t know if the two were still in touch. Scott has been working as a trainer at WWE’s wrestling school in Orlando. I had a chance to catch up with him for the first time in years when the students came to Largo for a NXT wrestling event last year. Scott and Brian had a few reunions here and there since their WWE heyday.

For those who were fans of 80s WWF wrestling like me, unfortunately that was not the only loss today. Reports are that another former Tag Team Champion Nikolai Volkoff has also died. You may remember him as the Russian tag team partner of The Iron Sheik.

Source: TMZ

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