Wendy’s has one of the most clever Twitter accounts, so why would Steak ‘N Shake want to go after them?

It started earlier this week when Steak ‘N Shake sub-tweeted a reaction gif along with the comment, “When your friend suggests going to Wendy’s…that’s #WhenThingsGetAwkward.”

Wendy’s cracked their neck and responded, “Oh hey Snake N’ Fake, think you dropped this @. Maybe leave the subs to the sandwich shops and leave the cheeseburgers to us.”

Steak ‘N Shake tried to stay in the fight by responding, “Yeah, that’s cool. So long as you keep leaving the delicious to us. #WeGood.” Wendy’s fired back, “Huh, over 30 minutes. Do people usually have to wait that long with you guys?”

After Steak ‘N Shake decided to talk smack about Wendy’s square burgers, Wendy’s delivered the death blow tweeting, “Admit it, you were busy reacting to having a tweet get more than 100 likes.” Followers and other food brands like Pop-Tarts and Steak-Umms called the fight after that one.