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A Virginia restaurant went on to their Facebook to shame a teenager after he paying his bill in coins.

17-year-old Cohen Naulty went to the Beer 88 restaurant in Lynchburg, Virginia with some friends. He wanted to pick up the bill but only had a $20 bill.

Naulty paid the remaining of the $45 tab in quarters that he had gotten from tips working at a different restaurant. Beer 88 posted a picture of the coins on Facebook saying, “We’ll just caption this… ‘How NOT to pay at a restaurant’, cause that’s the nicest thing to say about this ridiculousness. #wearebeer88notcoinstar #anybodyneedchange #nohometraining #atleasttheyleftatip #workingwiththepublic.

People were torn on the Facebook post surrounding the teen. Many came down on the restaurant with one person commenting “money is money and a restaurant shouldn’t shame a customer.” Others thought people took it too seriously. The restaurant ended up removing the post.

Naulty started his own Facebook page titled “The Quarter Boy.” After commenting that the post caused him to not to have a “good day,” he came up with an idea. He turned a bad experience into a good rather than getting upset about it… He started a Facebook fundraiser to get money to surprise others and pay for their meals. He has raised over $3,000.