Oh yeah this definitely should freak you out a little bit. This story will hit close to home if you’re a seafood lover in Tampa Bay.

MySuncoast.com reports a 71 year old guy died after eating oysters at a restaurant in Sarasota. The oysters apparently had a flesh-eating bacteria. 2 days after eating them, he died. They’re not saying the name of the restaurant. It might be because it might not be the restaurant’s fault. There was a bacteria in them that occurs in nature this time of year especially in Florida.

The bacteria is called Vibrio Vulnificus. It’s rare, but there have been other cases in the past couple years according to the article.

It’s one of the dangers of eating raw and undercooked oysters. They say if the man was younger with a stronger immune system, he might have survived. Death is uncommon but during the summer months in Florida, warm salt water is a factor.

Some swear by the “Letter R rule” with oysters – only eat them in months with the letter “R” in them: January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December.

Here’s a story from about a year ago from a similar story. As you’ll see, it’s not just eating seafood you have to think about. Don’t swim in warm summer Florida water with an open wound:

Source: MySuncoast.com

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