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First, imagine having 10 children.

Then, imagine having 10 children at the same hospital. Even stranger? Imagine having 10 children at the same hospital and all delivered by the same doctor.

The New York mother’s name is Savannah Leigh Hernandez. Originally, she and her husband didn’t want any children. But after the first, they decided they wanted more.

Now, she has 15-year-old Joseph, 12-year-old Rebecca, 10-year-old Nicholas, 9-year-old Madison, 8-year-old Julianna, 7-year-old Alex, 5-year-old Zoey, 4-year-old Noah, 2-year-old Hunter, and 3-day-old Savannah.

How often would you get your kids confused if you had that many? Is it possible to give enough love to that many children?