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Did you know listening to 99.5 QYK could soon get you a ticket? Sorry. Just keep it to a reasonable level. Unless it’s an Eric Church song. I don’t think any judge would be able to blame you.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says it’s illegal and dangerous to have your car radio up too loud.

With the “Lower The Boom” campaign, drivers are now encouraged to submit the license plate numbers of offenders online that they see in traffic.

The first time you’re reported for listening to your beats too loud, you’ll get a warning letter in the mail. A 2nd violation could get you a visit by a cop.

If a deputy sees you, it could be a $218 fine, according to ABC Action News. The fines go up for repeat offenses.

So how loud is too loud? They say if your windows are up and the driver next to you can hear it, pay up.

Source: ABC Action News

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