The fun of the July 4th Independence Day holiday is upon us and there will be all kinds of activities we’re enjoying. The Red Cross is out with their safety tips, so the fun doesn’t get cut short because of an accident.
Here are some of their recommendations, according to a Red Cross press release from PR Newswire.
  • They suggest enjoying a public fireworks display, but if you do intend to set off fireworks at home, wear eye protection, light one at a time (and don’t try to re-light one that didn’t go off), don’t point or throw them at people, animals or vehicles–and never give them to small kids.
  • Don’t leave picnic or barbeque foods out in the heat.
  • Don’t leave kids or pets in your vehicle because the heat can be deadly.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated in this crazy Florida heat.

For a full list of Summer Safety Tips, check out the Red Cross Of Central Florida website.