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Our friend Walker Hayes is dealing with a terrible loss. Tonight he shared the news on social media that he and Laney are grieving the loss of their baby Oakleigh Klover Hayes.

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Just yesterday, Walker seemed so excited to perform at the CMT Awards. Walker said last year he jokingly posted to social media from his hotel room about how he was not invited to the CMT Awards. After years of watching, tonight was supposed to be the night he finally got his time on stage to perform. He was only planning to perform for about a minute, but he was still super excited.

Earlier tonight, the news came that “unforeseen circumstances” caused the cancellation of upcoming appearances, but no information beyond that was given. Many fans were wondering why his performance did not happen tonight at the CMT Awards.

Walker Hayes is coming off a great year with his big hit QYK single “You Broke Up With Me.” We wish him and his family peace at this incredibly difficult time.

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