It’s been years since we’ve seen Shania Twain embark on tour.

Last night in Tampa Bay she showed us that she’s back and better than ever. Shania’s NOW Tour made it’s much anticipated stop in Tampa this past Saturday night. Just a few of her fans showed up to welcome her after so many years, just 19,000 or so… a sold-out crowd.

She made her grand entrance to the beat of Queen’s hit song, ‘We Will Rock You’, when one of her band members stood at the sound board upon a small stage with a simple drum. You could feel the vibe being set up and there appeared Shania at the top of the lower bowl amongst the crowd. She cat-walked down the stairs as fans went crazy screaming for just a chance to touch her and grab a quick selfie. Talk about a surprise, she made her way to the stage to kick off the show.

She sang hit after hit, taking us down memory lane. She even expressed her gratitude for her fans who have been with her in these 20 years of her music career. She was even more grateful that she had fans who are now in their 20s.

Half way through the show she paid tribute to those who have served in the armed forces, singing ‘Soldier’, you couldn’t help but to shed a tear. She sang the song as she was whisked away above the crowd while sitting on a guitar.

Let’s not forget to mention her band. They were equally as fantastic as she was, filling the void. Her set was filled with multiple wardrobe changes, props, dancers and stage changes. Plenty of 90’s hits were covered to fulfill our Shania needs, such as ‘Any Man of Mine’ and ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’.

A sight to see... #ShaniaTwain!

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She did stop the show to give us what seemed like a comedy show, when she selected a few lucky fans to escort her back to the main stage. The lucky fans included a tall young man, a mother and her little girl and another young woman. As Shania made her way through the crowd with these fans and her security, you could imagine the chaos that ensued. When she made it to the stage she realized she picked up stragglers along the way; one being a mother and child who barely spoke English. Which gave Shania a chance to practice her Spanish. The little girl was in shock a squealed at the disbelief she was standing in front of Shania.

‘Music is indeed the Universal language’, she said.

The other lucky fan who stood out, was the young man who basically proclaimed his love for her and was also in disbelief. He shouted out his friend and family who attended the show with him, while interrupting himself and telling her, she was his idol since his childhood. Definitely a moment to remember for so many fans.

If you were lucky enough to experience Shania Twain in Tampa on her NOW Tour, congrats! If you didn’t… What were you thinking?!