From shunning Sara Sampaio‘s cape –  “NO CAPES” we imagine her saying, to her thoughts on fashion as a whole, this whole shoot from Harper’s Bazaar is brilliant.

Edna, who made her mark in the first Disney Pixar ‘The Incredibles,’ is the costume designer for the Family Parr, tricking them out to fit the team’s superpowers.

Edna, however, has her own thoughts on Standard Fashion as well, which has been quoted by E!:

First of all, let us agree to ban referring to anything as ‘the new black’ until the end of time. Black is timeless, so it’s like saying so-and-so is ‘the new timeless,'”… “Timelessness by its very nature cannot be old or new—it is timeless! What was the question?”… “[Shoulder pads] are neither here nor there, dahling,… Depending on the designer, they can go in or out of fashion. But they are not as timeless as black is.”

She also shares the sentiment of self-love. “I am my favorite icon… The why is self-evident.”

To read the full interview, snag it on stands today! ‘The Incredibles 2’ will hit theatres June 15!