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Jake Owen is about to spend the summer playing baseball parks so I had to see what Coach Owen would do to fix the problems with our Tampa Bay Rays.  Jake says it goes in cycles but that the Tampa Bay Lightning are giving all of us hope.

We also talk how music can bring even Seminoles and Gators fans together.  Since he went to FSU guy, I had to ask Jake if he misses Chubby’s Chicken Fingers in Tallahassee as much as I do.  Yup!  He does. When I lived in Tally, I remember my boss at the radio station bringing me to Chubby’s after a night out at the bars on Tennessee Street.  When we pulled up, I was horrified… the place looked like no place you’d want to order food from. But man if it wasn’t one of the awesome meals in my life.  Fried chicken dipped in ranch sauce with hot buttered Texas Toast and a heaping mound of crinkle cut fries.  It’s been 15 or 20 years since I left Tallhassee, but I still have dreams of going back to that place.

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