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If you missed this on the radio, you missed one of my favorite moments during our backstage broadcast at the ACM Awards. We did two days of interviews. Day one was pretty much Cadillac Jack’s day, while I hosted day 2. Well on Day 1, let’s just say Cadillac Jack was MIA when both Jimmie Allen (“Best Shot”) and Cale Dodds (“Take You Back”) both came by for their interview at the same time. Jokingly, I said we’ll let’s have Jimmie interview Cale. The result? Three of my favorite minutes of our week in Las Vegas at the ACM Awards.

They were happy that this is the first year they didn’t have to sneak in to the ACMs.  And Jimmie was glad to have his first big hit on QYK because this year, nobody has called him Darius Rucker.

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