Geno's 5 Favorite Cheap Spots For Lunch In Tampa Bay

Thanks to my Facebook'ers for this topic suggestion. This is the first podcast I've actually prepared notes for.  Because this topic is important to me: food.

There are plenty of great places for lunch in Tampa and St. Pete.  But in this episode of "The Other 59 Minutes," I zero in on places you can fill up for about $10 or less.

My #1 spot is a place in St. Pete that makes me feel like home.  It's a place so good that I actually seriously get mad at locals if they tell me they haven't been there yet.  Although it's a cheap option (you can get spend as little as $6 for the lunch I get), you'll probably spend a lot more because this place is a foodie mecca.

Take a listen.  Agree with my list?  Who did I miss?  

BTW, do ya dig the new intro?  Who can ID all 3 QYK artists in it?