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Thanks to my Facebook’ers for this topic suggestion. This is the first podcast I’ve actually prepared notes for.  Because this topic is important to me: food.

There are plenty of great places for lunch in Tampa and St. Pete.  But in this episode of “The Other 59 Minutes,” I zero in on places you can fill up for about $10 or less.

My #1 spot is a place in St. Pete that makes me feel like home.  It’s a place so good that I actually seriously get mad at locals if they tell me they haven’t been there yet.  Although it’s a cheap option (you can get spend as little as $6 for the lunch I get), you’ll probably spend a lot more because this place is a foodie mecca.

Take a listen.  Agree with my list?  Who did I miss?  

BTW, do ya dig the new intro?  Who can ID all 3 QYK artists in it?

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