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As we get ready for our annual QYK concert at Coachman Park, it’s fun to look back at all the country superstars who’ve taken the stage in Clearwater over the years.

The most fun thing for me is to look at the opening acts that went on to become headliners and this one really jumped out at me today as I looked at my Facebook “On This Day” alert. It was 5 years ago that Chris Janson played what was then called “Fun ‘N Sun.” He hadn’t even written “Buy Me A Boat” yet. He was years away from “Fix A Drink.” He only had one song that was on QYK called “Better I Don’t” so many didn’t show up early enough to see his performance. And that’s a shame because I’ll never forget the energy he had that day. He blew the crowd up with his harmonica and momentum. It set the bar high for the rest of the acts that day.

5 years later, Chris has had #1 QYK hits. He closed out this year’s ACM Awards with an electric performance of “Redneck Life.” And he can finally afford that boat!

So learn the lesson – don’t miss the early opening acts at this year’s Bay 2 Beach Music Festival! You might miss the next Chris Janson!

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