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10 years ago if you would have told me I’d be a country music DJ, I’d have laughed at ya. But this is one of the 3 guys who made me drop my musical genre wall. When I first got the job at WQYK, Brantley Gilbert’s song “Kick It In The Sticks” had just been released. The song tanked on the charts to be quite honest. A lot of country music fans hated it because it was so loud and had a rock vibe to it. But for this rock-loving guy just getting introduced to country music, it was the song that made me think… ya know, maybe I could be a country guy. And I never looked back. So to finally be able to thank Brantley was a highlight of my ACMs trip.

We also talked about his new single “The Ones That Like Me” and a listener asked if there’s a chance he’d ever do an acoustic album. When I think Brantley, I think in-your-face guitars and edge… but an acoustic BG album? Interesting idea. And when you hear Brantley’s reply, you can tell it’s something he’s though about too. Will it happen? Take a listen!

Plus another listener had an interesting question about one of Brantley’s only fears!