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One of my favorite stories from our Coachman Park concerts over the years is one I tell to teach concert goers a valuable lesson. Sure, you may be going to see the headliner. But don’t get there late and skip the opening act.

In 2012, before he was filling the Amphitheatre and playing to thousands, a younger Brett Eldredge played what was then called WQYK’s Fun ‘n Sun. He only had one hit on QYK at that point so he ended up playing the tiny new artists trailer stage at the back of Coachman Park. It was only about a 2 minute walk from the main stage, but not many were willing to do it. So Brett played a rockin’ set to a crowd of maybe 40 or 50 people at the most.

Now just a few years later, Brett is always one of the artists people request to see headline our Coachman Park concert (now called the Bay 2 Beach Music Festival).

At the 2018 ACM Awards, Geno and Cadillac Jack talked with Brett about that concert and Cadillac and Brett shared Chicago stories about eating at Portillos.

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