It’s been a pretty big year for QYK artist Scotty McCreery. He popped the question to his girl and finally landed his first #1 song after a lot of record company problems. But I had a more pressing question.

Why did the New England Patriots bench Malcolm Butler? Scotty and I are both huge Pats fans. I know. I know. Sorry… hey the Bucs are my NFC team, but I grew up in Maine. In our chat, Scotty revealed the true reason why the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl. Come to find out, it was his fault. So thus he owes me a lot of money.

We also talked of course about his QYK #1 “Five More Minutes.” The song marked a big transition for him. His writing has matured and he’s connecting with country listeners on a deeper personal level. But my question for Scotty was if there was any hesitation that maybe the song might be too personal for others to relate to the song. Clearly it wasn’t.

If you missed it, here’s my backstage interview with Scotty McCreery from the 2018 ACM Awards in Las Vegas.

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