This week at the ACMs in Las Vegas was filled with big name QYK artists, Hollywood celebrities, incredible concerts… but the moment that will always stick with me was a few minutes I had with Cam. You may only know her from her QYK hit “Burning House.” But for me, she’ll always be the one who made me break down for the first time since losing my mother… well over 5 years after she passed.

When she took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry a couple years back, Cam performed the iconic Patsy Cline hit “Sweet Dreams.” It was a gusty move to tackle a song like that on the most important stage in country music. But she absolutely nailed it.

My mother was a big Patsy Cline fan. I remember sitting in my room as a kid while my mother would be on the other side of the house in the kitchen belting out her songs. My mother was a great cook. But singer? Not so much.

When I heard Cam’s version of “Sweet Dreams,” I broke down for the first time since my mother’s passing. It had been about 5 years since we lost her but the feeling in Cam’s voice made it clear she had a personal connection to the song too. And as you’ll hear in this interview, she did.

When I brought up the idea of doing an album of Patsy Cline covers, Cam said it’s something her family has encouraged her to do it too. And if you listen to this interview, it sounds like she’d be willing to do it! She also explains why she had to withdraw the concert lineup at this year’s Florida Strawberry Festival.

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