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A radio friend of mine just spent his Christmas vacation here in Florida at Disney. As you probably heard, there were so many at Magic Kingdom, they actually had to cut off letting people in. In fact, the park reached capacity twice in one week. Lines during a normal day at Disney can get crazy, but I can’t even imagine the wait times if the park was at capacity.

It made the news a while back that some awful park goers were hiring HANDICAPPED kids to come to the park with them so they could skip the lines. Well, now a new tactic my friend discovered is even more revolting.

Some Orlando area company is selling FAKE MAKE-A-WISH buttons! The employee my friend spoke to said there is such a fear of social media backlash if they were to mistake a fake button for a real one, that employees don’t dare to step in.

You’ve got to listen to this story! Listen below as the guys from the Toucher and Rich show discuss what happened (fast forward in to about the 18 minute mark for the part of the story I’m talking about)…

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