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Press play below to hear Geno’s talk with Austin:

A polite, happy and perhaps slightly medicated Port Richey guy got Twitter going nuts when Pasco Sheriffs showed up to investigate a trespassing call on the A&E hit TV show “Live PD” this weekend.

Austin and his girlfriend were having fun on Saturday night when the knocks on the door by police turned the night sour. Police were told someone was in an apartment that wasn’t supposed to be. When the bright lights from the Live PD cameras on A&E were put on him, Austin told them he’d just moved in. When the smell of the green stuff became apparent to officers, Austin was up front about the fact the party had begun.

When officers asked the usual question about having anything on him they need to know about, Austin confessed to having a substance in his wallet. He said it was salt. 99 times out of 100, that’s a lie. But when he began to extol the virtues of pink Himalayan salt on McDonalds french fries, Twitter blew up. Me being an Amazon Prime member, I opened the app and placed an order out of curiosity. When a backup cop inspected the bag, he said that sure enough, it’s salt. And that he uses the stuff himself. The Himilayan Salt guy was born on social media and had the internet buzzing, so to speak, all night.

For those who haven’t seen Live PD, it’s basically the old 80s TV show COPS, except most of what you see is live. Sometimes things get ugly. Sometimes there’s violence. But when Pasco County Sheriffs met Austin, they got to deal with a happy go lucky kid who is trying to fix his life.

Because he was so cooperative with authorities, Austin wasn’t taken to jail. He was given a citation and his party was cut short when some paraphernalia was taken away.

All seemed over and done with until I got an email from him today. Because of what happened, Austin lost his job. And he was kicked out of the room he’d already paid rent for. The story just bummed me out because you can tell the guy is trying to do the right thing and better his life. I put the word out on my Facebook page because so many on Twitter were curious about his story… but hearing all the fallout that came from being featured on Live PD was disappointing and if we can help out, lets do it!

If you know someone hiring in the Port Richey area, drop me a line at and I’ll forward it to Austin. He has experience in construction and building maintenance. But with the holidays here, I’m sure he’s not going to be overly picky looking for his dream job. The guy just wants to get back on his feet.

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