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What Exactly IS A QYK Guitar Pull Anyway?

Since this is going to be our 3rd time doing it Wednesday night, sometimes we assume you know what the QYK Guitar Pull is all about. So what exactly IS a Guitar Pull? How is it different than a typical concert?

It's a good question. Maybe you just moved to Tampa Bay or just never heard us explain it. One thing's for sure. Once you go to one, you'll want to go again next year. That's why we've moved to a bigger venue and let fans buy tickets before the lineup is even announced.

The biggest difference between a traditional concert and the QYK Guitar Pull is that there's no downtime between performances. Often when you have 6 acts like this, so much time is wasted breaking down one band's set and waiting for the next one. With the QYK Guitar Pull, we bring all of the night's performers out at the same time. While one is performing, the others are on stage, sometimes singing along... other times making faces. Microphones are left on and the results can be hilarious!

The performers take turns performing and between the songs you get to hear the stories behind the hits as well as some pretty fun stories from the road. It's a unique format. And you'll find yourself wishing ALL concerts were done this way. It ends up feeling less like a concert and more like a night with friends sitting in the living room and just enjoying each other's music. You get to here a fresh acoustic version of the songs you hear on the radio as the songs are performed unplugged. There's nothing quite like a QYK Guitar Pull.

Whether the QYK Guitar Pull Wednesday night will be your first... or third, we know you'll have a blast! Take lots of pictures and be sure to use the #QYKGuitarPull so we can share your favorite moments from what will be a one of a kind night in country music in Tampa Bay.

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