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ICYMI: Chocolate Is Getting A Makeover!

When you think of chocolate, you probably think of the same brown color. Well, thanks to one company, the color of your favorite sweet treat is changing.

The pink colored treat is called “millennial pink chocolate” and was created by mega cocoa processors Barry Callebaut AG. According to Business Insider, this “the newest natural chocolate variety since the creation of white chocolate 80 years ago by Nestle.”

Barry Callebaut on Twitter

Breaking: White, milk & dark chocolate - and today, the world is introduced to #RubyChocolate: #Innovation


The company describes their chocolate as “ruby” which comes from the name of the cocoa bean used. The fruit itself has a red color which helps to give the candy a pink coloring. Allegedly, ruby chocolate is rather tasty. Instead of that rich chocolate flavor you’d receive once biting into a traditional candy bar, the ruby cocoa would give you a subtle taste of berries.

CEO of the company, Antoine de Saint-Affrique told Bloomberg that “it’s natural, it’s colorful, it’s hedonistic, there’s an indulgence aspect to it, but it keeps the authenticity of chocolate”.

BBC News (UK) on Twitter

Company says it has made a new type of chocolate called ruby, because it has a reddish-pink colour


Not only is creating a new type of chocolate a major accomplishment for Barry Callebaut AG, but they managed to make this concoction without any additives. So, essentially, what you taste is the cocoa fruit itself. No red dye is used in the mixture. It’s all real and is very delicious!

This pink colored chocolate comes at a perfect time where Rosé is currently king!

The Times of London on Twitter

Milk, white, dark and now... ruby chocolate! Confectioners invent a new kind of chocolate for the first time in 80 years.


Wondering where you could taste this colorful chocolate? As of right now, the company will only be selling their good in Shanghai, China. There’s not word on if they will be spreading the love to the United States. We are sure if the sales are high in the area, Barry Callebaut AG will add it to other countries.

Maybe if we are all really good this upcoming year, we’ll be able to get the wish of pink chocolate. Well, fingers crossed.


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