MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 08: In this photo illustration water comes to the boil on a gas stove on January 8. 2009, in Milan, Italy. On New Year's Day Russia cut the supply of gas to Ukraine who in turn closed the last of four transit lines for Russian gas into the European Union. Russian gas monopolist Gazprom accused the Ukraine of stealing the gas intended for the export for is on purposes. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

There have been some pretty dumb dares that have gone around the internet over the past few years. One at least was done for a good reason – the ice bucket challenge raised a lot of money for ALS research. But most of these are just done for attention hoping for 15 minutes of viral video internet fame. There’s been the cinnamon challenge, hot pepper challenges… but this one is beyond ridiculous: the hot water challenge.

There’s not much to explain. Someone dumps hot water on someone else and records video of it. It’s caused a number of injuries and even one death of an 8 year old girl right here in Florida.

Source: WTSP

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