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If you hear that someone owns a mansion, you generally assume that they pay a few million dollars for the home.

For one house in Northern New Jersey, this isn’t the case. For those who are looking to move in that area, you can purchase a mansion for just $10. Located in Montclair, NJ, the home does come with one rule. Whoever purchases the steal will also have to pay to relocate the home off of the property.


According to Thrillist, the land that the home is located on is currently being “transformed into an 8-lot subdivision.” The mansion is 4,000 square feet and includes six bedrooms as well as three and a half bathrooms.


If you’re wondering why the home cannot just be knocked down, well it’s protected by the town’s Planning Board. The home was not only designed by the architect Dudley S. Van Antwerp, but it was also owned by Aubrey Lewis, a NJ basketball star turned F.B.I. agent. Due to the home’s history, the Planning Board placed two oddly specific rules on the home.


The first being that it cannot sell for more than $10 and it has to be moved off of the property. For those who are looking to buy the house, the current owner will chip in $10,000 to put towards housing relocation costs. Those who are relocating the home has to also keep in mind that they need to move it within a quarter mile of its current address. Yes, there is a lot of rules behind this home, but you are snagging a mansion for extremely cheap!


If you are reading this article and are looking for the mansion in this specific location, well you better submit an offer soon. A deal has to be made by August 31st! Seriously interested? Make sure to send an offer to



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