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BEIJING, CHINA - JULY 06: A Chinese shopper sleeps on a bed in the showroom of the IKEA store on July 6, 2014 in Beijing, China. Of the world's ten biggest Ikea stores, 8 of them are in China to cater to the country's growing middle class. The stores are designed with extra room displays given the tendency for customers to make a visit an all-day affair. Store management does not discourage shoppers from sleeping on Ikea furniture, even marking them with signs inviting customers to try them out. (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

I love the goal of Kickstarter. If you have a brilliant idea, but need some help funding it, what a great tool to have. But the key is… having a brilliant idea. This may go down as the worst ever.

The Aumi Mini is a “smart wifi notification light and nightlight.” You can set it to blink for stock alerts, weather conditions, when someone tags you on social media, or if you get an email at 3AM. Who wouldn’t want that?

And here’s the crazy part… they DESTROYED their fundraising goal!

Over $40,000 (Canadian) has been raised to make this project a reality. The device costs approximately $20.

Here’s more info if this is something you need in your life. Because sleep clearly isn’t.

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