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A 'Snow White' Parody Film Approves Of Body Shaming

This is so very, very wrong. 

A new film that is an English language Korean animated film called Red Shoes & The Seven Dwarfs is under fire for acting as if a "fatter version" of Snow White was no longer beautiful. The images that have been released for the film are in this tweet, provided by Plus Size Model Tess Holliday, who was utterly disgusted by the film's focus.

Tess Holliday ???? on Twitter

How did this get approved by an entire marketing team? Why is it okay to tell young kids being fat = ugly? [email protected]


Tess Holliday calls out Chloe Moretz, who typically wouldn't be happy with this sort of thing, but the trailer really doesn't do the movie any better. Snow White comes in, looking thin and gorgeous, and then as she strips off her clothes to her underwear, and takes off her shoes, she becomes "fat" and not as attractive.

From what we can tell, the shoes probably give her the magical power to look the way she does, but the trailer does not explain any of that what-so-ever, and just shows 2 dwarfs looking utterly terrified like they just saw a monster.


Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs _ Official Teaser II_LOCUS

2017년 겨울 개봉 예정인 로커스 스튜디오의 극장판 애니메이션 "빨간구두와 일곱난쟁이" (가제)의 두 번째 티져 영상 - 3D Animated Movie for Theatrical Release - Production : Locus Corporation - Anticipated Release Date : Coming in 2017 "7 Princes transformed into 7 dwarfs under a spell set out on a quest to find the enchanted red shoes to lift their curse" RED SHOES & THE 7 DWARFS, the new family adventure will be produced in English language targeting international audiences.


Chloe has yet to respond to the tweet.


Personally, I'm agreeing with Holliday on this one - is this the type of behavior that we should be showing kids? Do you hope the movie rectifies this choice?


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