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Rumored iPhone 8 Price Tag

Remember when you used to get a free phone when you signed up for cell service? That won't be the case when Apple rolls out the iPhone 8, according to Macworld.

They say the 128GB model will cost you $999 or $1,099 for a 256GB.

This would be the most expensive iPhone ever released. The crazy thing is this price is LOWER than what some industry experts were predicting.

Why so expensive?

The rumors of new features like a OLED display, a virtual Home button and wireless charging are bumping cost up. Tim Cook said iPhone 7 sales are lackluster because people are waiting for features like this in the iPhone 8. Those special upgrades though may delay the release of the iPhone 8. Apple usually shoots for September, but many think it won't be ready until 2018.

Source: Macworld