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George Strait Breaks Out His New Tequila

We all know George Strait produces high-end country music, but tequila? That's new.

The country music superstar recently launched Código 1530 after stumbling upon it while in Cabo San Lucas, a favorite vacation destination for much of the last decade. "And so I met a lot of great friends, and through the years they introduced me to this tequila that they were drinking from this private distillery," he recently told Fox News. "It wasn't available for the public to buy or anything. It was in just a random bottle and we just felt like one of the in-crowd, getting this tequila that was so good that nobody else could get."

A few tequilas later, one assumes, George and some of those friends decided to bring it to the masses. The job now is to get folks to try it. "You know, so many people have a little phobia about drinking tequila," he admitted to Fox. "[They think] it's going to be nasty, you're going to hold your nose and drink it down as fast as you can and suck on a lime and lick some salt – but our tequila certainly isn't that way."

Strait helped spread the word and taste during a private event last week at Nashville's historic RCA Studio A with friends including Kix Brooks, Martina McBride and Cole Swindell in attendance. Find out where to purchase at bottle here.

George Strait on Twitter

Had a great night with friends celebrating my favorite tequila in the studio where I recorded my first album. @Codigo1530 #tequilaprivado


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