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Every Couple Should Have These Fights Before Getting Married

We all know the couple that seems to disagree over everything and the couple that seems to be so perfect you wonder if they ever argue.

Being in either scenario probably isn’t ideal for a healthy relationship and according to Cosmopolitan Magazine, there are some fights that you must have before marrying someone. Check out some of the stand out ones on the list:


  1. A fight about a chore one of you does better than the other: This fight pointed out a good theory of how a “completed task” can mean different things to different people. Understanding what is a good job to your partner can be important and could eliminate resentment that may develop from the lack of communication.
  2. Clashing over decorating a new apartment: When two people have different taste, there isn’t anything more tiresome than trying to decorate anything, much less a whole apartment. Moving into a new space and being able to compromise without killing one another is probably the basis of any good relationship.


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Sitting in Crate & Barrel and watching couples fight about decorating is my new favourite hobby. Comfortable AND entertaining.


  1. Bicker about a social media interaction between your partner and someone else: This point wasn’t a favorite, simply because it further proves that social media has clearly taken over the world. Following your partner on social media can certainly go good or bad, but hopefully the role social media plays in your relationship does not become a reoccurring point of tension.
  2. Have a fight about not having enough fights: This fight was just funny to even imagine. Having an argument because you don’t argue enough sounds like too much trouble. Ultimately the list suggested that it’s healthy to argue a little because it helps improve communication skills, so never arguing isn’t exactly a good

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The truth of it is, all couples fight.



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Couples that fight a lot are stronger than those who dont only when they can solve it and change for the better.


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