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Going On Facebook Live Gets Polk County Teenager Arrested

This is one of those only in Florida stories. Here's a tip to you would be criminals. If you're running from the law, it's probably not best to go on Facebook Live.

NewChannel 8 says Markesha Wilkerson had outstanding warrants. One was for improper display of a firearm. The other was a failure to appear.

The 18 year old thought it would be fun to go on Facebook Live while she was at the Chuck E. Cheese in Lakeland. I don't know how many likes and comments she got, but she did get a nice shiny pair of handcuffs put on her.

Grady Judd's quote is awesome, "Stupid criminals are appreciated. We recommend that if you are wanted, to post on Facebook or Instagram and let us know where you are.

Source: NewsChannel 8