One Year Ago Today: Portillo's Opens In Brandon

I just moved over to the Pinellas side a few months ago and the biggest thing I miss about living in Hillsborough was being a 10 minute drive away from Portillo's. Everyone loves their Italian beef and hot dogs, but I love their burgers. Add some cheese fries and a slice of that chocolate cake and I'm a happy guy. I waited in line on Day 1 after hearing all the Chicago transplants hype the place up for months ahead of its grand opening. Portillo's didn't disappoint. The place was packed. Lines were long. But employees were ready for the onslaught and kept things moving and handed out free t-shirts.

Italian Beef
Tied for my favorite fries in Tampa Bay (with WingStop)
Italian Beef before I began devouring it
There's a hot dog under there somewhere.
Noticed the boss and Cadillac had the right idea - the drive thru moved much faster