Summer Strummin’ Pull

Live Streaming Concert Experience June 13th @ 9pm

Cam’s career path is a rather unique one in country music… or any other genre, for that matter.
She aspired to be a Supreme Court Justice, studied Psychology at University, and worked in labs at Stanford and Berkeley. But she’d ultimately leave all of that behind, and she started writing songs; one of which was “Burning House,” one of the most unique songs on country radio for the past decade. There aren’t any drums on the song, and she was told that radio wouldn’t play it; happily, it did hit the airwaves, introducing a great new artist.

She grew up hanging out at her grandparents’ ranch in Southern California and listening to country music icon Patsy Cline… but she also listened to everyone from the Dixie Chicks to Joni Mitchell to St. Vincent.

Cam is also a great collaborator, having worked with Vince Gill, Diplo and Train; she also has written songs with Sam Smith, as well as the late EDM superstar Tim Bergling, aka Avicii. “Humans are humans and if a good song touches their soul they want to listen to it,” she says.

She and her husband have a 1 1/2 year old baby, and she takes great pride in balancing being a country musician and a mom. “I get comments like – maybe there’s not as many female country artists because women would just rather stay home,” she scoffs. “I want to travel around making the music I love and be a mother, but the world wasn’t set up for that, I have to build something that works for me and there’s not a lot of examples.”

But she is now one of those examples for the artist who come after her: both for balancing work and life for forging one’s own path.