Thomas Rhett's Shifting Focus And New Album

Thomas Rhett is all over the place these days supporting his new album Life Changes, which released earlier today (9/8). One of those places is the interview chair, which the The Washington Post took advantage of earlier this week. Thomas is notably candid about fatherhood, love and shifting priorities in the resulting story.

Thomas Rhett: This Is Scary

Thomas Rhett is getting nervous and it's got nothing to do with his expanding family. His new and most daring album so far comes out this week (9/8) and, well, it's scary.

Thomas Rhett "Totally Unprepared" For New Baby

You'd think Thomas Rhett would have the whole baby thing down. He already had a 21-month-old when earlier this month he and wife Lauren welcomed her little sister Ada James, after all. He's not quite on top of things yet, though. Basically, there's a whole lot of crying going on. "We are completely unprepared, that's for…

Thomas Rhett Shares Background On His Daughters' Names

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren recently welcomed their second daughter Ada James into the world. The little one joins older adopted sister Willa Gray, who became a part of the family a few months ago. The newly minted dad recently revealed the origin behind…