BBQ Scam In Mulberry

What a weird case of identify theft in Polk County. Some guy is posing as the owner of a BBQ restaurant in Mulberry. He's asking people to borrow money or offers free lunch for a week.

Rejected Florida License Plates

The annual list of personalized license plates that the State of Florida has refused to make is out.

A few of these don't seem so bad, but some... you have to wonder what these people were thinking!

Guy Dials 911 To Get A Ride To Hooters

Another day. Another #OnlyInFlorida story for you.

Jonathan Hinkle in Merritt Island called 911 saying his grandmother had suffered a stroke... in the parking lot (wait for it) Hooters. He said he needed a ride there immediately.

When police took the 28 year old there, guess what?